Innovation, Growth and Synergies

3-4 April 2023


Building a baking community

The ANNUAL BAKING INDUSTRY CONFERENCE is set to be a premier annual African event for the baking industry sector. This two day event aims to bring together industry leaders in the Bakery, Cake and Confectionery industry in Africa, together with stakeholders in the Commercial Bakery Sector, Manufacturing, Production, Packaging, Distribution and also the Home Bakers.   

A showcase of Innovative solutions

The showcase will also feature industry leaders and Award winners in the Baking Industry in Africa, together with other related stakeholders that compliment and add value in the ecosystem of the baking industry. We are expecting to host delegates from Nigeria, South Africa, Botswana and Zambia who will come to exchange business growth strategies and trends in the commercial baking industry with the Zimbabwean Bakers Community.

Explore the power of connections in shaping the baking industry​

The conference program will include curated presentations and masterclasses from celebrated industry experts, who will highlight a wide range of innovative solutions that encourage high quality Standard Operating Procedures.

Put your company’s brand in front of key industry leaders

ABIC represents an exceptional opportunity to put your company’s brand in front of key industry leaders and consumers who have a vested interest in your products. We would be honoured to have you attend this conference as a delegate to network and exchange business strategies and trends in the commercial baking industry


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